Tab City Rawalpindi is an upcoming real estate project for Rawalpindi City. It is located at a very serene and peaceful location away from the hassle and pollution of the city. Moreover, this society is already catching investors eye due to its amazing features and amenities. This society is developing to fulfill the housing needs of citizens of the twin cities. In addition, developers are providing people with the opportunity to invest in the most affordable housing.

This society will include different features to cater the needs of national as well as international Pakistani citizens. Furthermore, this society is developing on the contemporary infrastructure standards. Additionally, Tab City Rawalpindi will include opportunities for both residential as well as commercial purposes.

Developers of Tab City Rawalpindi:

Developers play an important role when it comes to any society. The developers of this society are tab builders. Moreover, these developers are known for their development skills in real estate world. They have a team of highly skilled architects, engineers, and organizers. In addition, they are known for their timely and well-developed societies. They always make sure that they are following international standards. Furthermore, they follow IBC standards of development, which are the most used standards in the world. In fact, they use material which is resistant to natural disaster.

Location of Tab City:

This society is present at a very ideal location which is very important for every society. Moreover, location of Tab City Rawalpindi is one of the reasons which make it more attractive for the investors. It is present at a location which is neither deserted nor too crowded. In fact, it is present at a location which is only 15 min’s away from Giga mall. However, it is located at a very serene and scenic location.

Real estate investment is mainly about location; therefore, Tab City Rawalpindi is a good investment opportunity because it’s on GT Road Rawat. Moreover, it is very assessable due to the newly developed Rawalpindi Ring Road. This road made commute very easy and assessable for people.

Total Land Cover:

The total area covered by Tab City Rawalpindi is ten thousand Kanal. Furthermore, this area will provide home to hundreds of people who are looking for new and comfortable housing. This is a very futuristic opportunity which will cater all the needs of residents and investors. Moreover, the development of infrastructure has already started.


NOC of Tab City Rawalpindi is on its way to acquire the NOC (No Objection Certificate) from concerned authorities. In addition, the developers know about the importance of NOC, as it ensures the security of residents. But this is a completely legal society which the prioritizes the of resident’s interest firstly. Moreover, they are trying to meet all the requirements which are necessary for the NOC. They have also submitted the papers to PP1.

Payment Plan:

Tab City Rawalpindi has a very flexible payment, which is very affordable and feasible for people. Moreover, the payment plan of some blocks has been revealed by the developers. The complete payment plans will be revealed after the complete development. In addition, the payment plan of Mustafa block is as follows:

tab city payment plan

Facilities and Amenities

Tab City Rawalpindi is motivated to provide residents modern facilities and amenities. Moreover, this is a society with boundaries including all luxuries, necessities, and contemporary facilities. Some of these facilities are:


Sustainable development​

One of the priorities of Tab City Rawalpindi is sustainable development. The developers are hopeful that they will give the residents with world class ecofriendly environment. In addition, their goal is to develop parks and include greenery to protect and preserve the environment. Furthermore, Sustainability and being more careful about the environment is necessary in this era of economic havoc.

Water and electricity are important amenities of people in these difficult lack of energy resources times. Moreover, it is essential for residents that they are provided with continuous water, gas, and electricity. Tab City Rawalpindi ensures that investors and residents get this necessity.

Health Care is essential for all people. In addition, this society will provide best health care opportunities in the world. Additionally, multiple medical as well as dentals services will be included for the betterment of people.



Education is need of every individual. In fact, Tab City Rawalpindi ensure that it will provide residents with good educational institutes. Educational Institutes of all types will be included in this society.


Gated Community

Tab City Rawalpindi is a gated community with the most advance and unique surveillance system. Moreover, CCTV cameras will be installed at every spot to ensure the security of its residents. Additionally, security is one of the main priority of owners and developers of this society.



The developers and owner of this society wants to provide their residents with Mosques. Moreover, this is a necessity as people prefer to pray in the Mosques.


Recreational activities​

Tab City Rawalpindi will have a lot of recreational activities. Moreover, these activities include Park, Zoo, and sports arena like Lahore Smart City. Additionally, the developers want to provide their residents with physically and mentally healthy lifestyle like. To achieve this purpose this society is designed with multiple recreational activities.

Tab City Salient Features


In Conclusion, Tab City Rawalpindi is a great addition to Rawalpindi real estate. Moreover, multiple investors are interested in this society due to its timely development and commitment. This society include multiple facilities and amenities which are developing on the world class standards. Finally, this society is present at a very ideal location which is easily assessable for people who invest in Tab City Rawalpindi.

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