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Capital Smart City Latest Development Updates

by landguider on January 16, 2018
Capital Smart City Latest Development Updates

According to Mohammad Asghar and Hassan Imam Rizvi (Deputy General Manager Construction of Capital Smart City), they have started the progress on overseas block 1 and block 2 at Capital Smart City. According to their initial targets, they have started road R1 and they have achieved filling, cutting of this road up to 60% and according to them the development work in sectors A, B, C and H have been started in overseas block 1.
They are also committed that they will fulfill their targets and complete Capital Smart City overseas block phase 1 at end of 2019.
The batching plant has also been installed to facilitate the high rise bridge which will start in the first week of Feb 2019.
One of the prominent features of this society is Potohar Ranchers and as per sources the area have been allocated for Potohar Ranchers. The design of Golf course at Capital Smart City is in final stage and will be completed at end of this month.

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